Dramatis Personae

(a handy guide to the people I talk about)

Christine Rebecca: that's me, and that's my real name. 

Stan: my excellent husband. He does have a one-syllable name (most of the time), but it is assuredly not Stan. I asked him for pseudonym suggestions, but since he didn't come up with anything except Turd Ferguson I felt free to improvise.

Anselm: our sweet little boychick, born late 2014. 

Goober and Goobrette: the twins I nannied for roughly three years. They were sweet. 

Beardacles: one of my brothers. Notable feature: a large beard. Super power: growing a beard.

La Saucisse: an infant I took care of once a week for a couple of months. Hobbies included burbling, spitting up, and trying very very hard to grab her feet.

Vater and Mater: these are my parents. They live in The City, where I grew up.


What's with the fake names, anyway? It's a privacy thing. I write about my real life, and I'm comfortable putting my real (given) name on things I write here. But not everyone I write about necessarily is comfortable with the same thing -- and I especially don't want to be freely publicizing things about my or anyone else's children, you know? If Anselm wants his real name all over the internet he can take care of that himself when he's older. 

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