March 17, 2013

In tonight's episode, our heroine remembers why people don't generally trim their own bangs.

Not that they look bad, per se.

But they do look... odd.

(That's my current mantra: Not bad, just odd. Not bad, just odd. Odd is ok, right? Maybe I can cultivate some complementary eccentricities until they grow in. Not bad, just odd. Not bad, just odd. Not bad, just odd.)

Aw, maaannnnnnnn.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.


Mater said...

When you were young, I got a book from the library, called something like "How to Cut Your Own (or Anyone Else's) Hair". It was a very useful book.

Christine Rebecca said...

Yeah.... something like that might have helped.

sdevisser said...

Maybe you just need to even them all out a little short and say you were going for an Audrey Hepburn look? :)